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What is Mobile Sasa Survey?

Mobile Sasa Survey is a user-friendly platform designed for conducting surveys via SMS (Short Message Service). This innovative solution enables businesses and organizations to reach their target audience through mobile phones, making it convenient for participants to provide their feedback and insights.

System Features

Discover a seamless and intuitive user interface complemented by exceptional features.


Shortcodes and payments provide a great platform to collect real time feedback from customers.

Realtime reports

Receive better response rates from customers and view their responses in Realtime.


Ensures a wider, more targeted reach to your customers who provide valuable feedback.

How it works

Discover a seamless and intuitive user interface complemented by exceptional features.

Step 1: Define Your Survey Goals
Clearly outline the objectives and what you want to achieve with the survey.
Step 2: Design Your Survey
Create the survey questions, layout, and structure. Consider the type of information you need.
Step 3: Choose Your Audience
Determine the target demographic or group you want to survey.

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How much it cost?

All Prices are Exclusive of VAT

SMS Costing

Average Number of SMS per Month Cost Per SMS
1 to 100,000 KES. 0.60
100,001 to 500,000 KES 0.40
500,000 to 2,000,000 Kes 0.35
Above 2,000,000 Kes 0.24

SMS Sender IDs (Alphanumeric)

Network Cost
Safaricom Kes 5,800
Airtel Kes 5,800
Telkom Kes 5,800
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An SMS-based survey is a method of collecting feedback, opinions, and data from respondents using text messages. Instead of using web forms or phone calls, this approach allows individuals to participate in surveys by responding to questions via SMS on their mobile phones.

The SMS survey process typically involves the survey administrator or platform sending out a series of questions to a list of participants’ mobile numbers. Participants respond to these questions by sending text messages with their answers. The platform then collects and compiles these responses for analysis and reporting.

SMS-based surveys offer several advantages, including a wide reach since most people have mobile phones, high response rates, quick data collection, and real-time feedback. They are cost-effective, easy to set up, and can be used for various types of surveys, from customer satisfaction to market research.

Yes, SMS surveys can be anonymous if the survey administrator chooses to make them so. Respondents’ personal information can be kept confidential, depending on the settings and design of the survey. However, it’s essential to clarify the level of anonymity with participants to build trust.

Yes, most SMS-based survey platforms provide tools for data analysis and reporting. Survey responses are typically collected and stored in a database, allowing administrators to generate reports, charts, and insights. These reports can help in decision-making, identifying trends, and addressing issues highlighted by survey participants.

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